Meet the Leaders of the 2020 US Accelerator Program

Amanda Millstein

Richmond California
United States

Empowering health professionals to stand up against climate change for climate health in California

Jessica Girard

Fairbanks Alaska
United States

Building a community of allies to dismantle white supremacy inside of the climate change movement.

De’Etra Jenra Young

Nashville Tennessee
United States

Increasing diverse student representation in food, agricultural, and natural resource sciences and supporting young people to become environmental justice advocates.

Mary Black

Raleigh North Carolina
United States

Activating youth to grow climate action.

Desirée Shelley Flores

Catawba Virginia
United States

Accelerating a land and water protectors initiative within Indigenous communities in Virginia.

Xochitl Bernadette Morena

Hamden Connecticut
United States

Building individual and communal immunity by providing access to essential foods and medicines to all.

La’Veesha Rollins

Hilo Hawaii
United States

Designing sustainable energy solutions and fighting for environmental justice in rural Virginia.

Amy Rose Foll

Kents Store Virginia
United States

Cultivating the next generation of nature protectors through sharing knowledge in Indigenous lifeways and ethnobotany

Dominique Thomas

New York New York
United States

Empowering BIPOC communities to create racial justice in the climate movement.

Candace Chu

San Diego California
United States

Advancing clean mobility and clean transportation equity

Stephanie Hicks Willet

Cumberland Virginia
United States

Supporting the development of the future generation of African American environmentalists from Cumberland, Virginia.

Joy Williams

Houston Texas
United States

Improving nutrition and reducing stress for food insecure populations.

Michelle Voacolo

Tamuning Guam
United States

Creating solutions to the waste crisis in Guam and Micronesia.

Crystal Cavalier-Keck

Burlington North Carolina
United States

Teaching cultural lessons and self-sustainment through indigenous seed gardening.

Taylor Mayes

Cambridge Massachusetts
United States

Advocating for restorative environmental justice for African American and Black Communities through the Black Climate Network.

Alice Sung

Oakland California
United States

Decarbonizing and eliminating fossil fuels dependence in public schools in the Bay Area, California.

Rebecca Jim

Vinita Oklahoma
United States

Repairing native land that has been polluted and damaged by industrial industries.

Ruth Łchavaya K’isen Miller

Anchorage Alaska
United States

Elevating voices, and building networks for local, national, and international climate solutions in Alaska.

Lil Milagro Henriquez

Oakland California
United States

Preparing youth of color to address environmental racism and the climate crisis.

Tara Rodriguez Besosa

San Juan Puerto Rico
United States

Decolonizing Borikén (Puerto Rico) through food.

Mackenzie Feldman

Berkeley California
United States

Eliminating the spraying of toxic herbicides at every school in the United States.

Gavriela Reiter

New Haven Connecticut
United States

Building global solidarity and grassroots solutions to the climate crisis through the Global Green New Deal.

Moñeka Del Oro

Talofofo Guam
United States

Increasing food sovereignty in the Mariana and Micronesia region.

Jo “love/speak” Cruz

Oakland California
United States

Providing a sonic, visual, and performative journey of decolonization, healing, and co-liberation to activate sustainable systems.