Meet the Leaders of the 2021 US Accelerator Program

Rasheeda Hawk

Los Angeles California
United States

Removing pollutants and toxins from Los Angeles communities through science and education.

Cheryl Rogers

Altamonte Springs Florida
United States

Healing communities with resilence, education, and preparation.

Tiffany Cook

Mohawk Valley New York
United States

Healing her tribe through food justice and environmental advocacy.

Natalie Nava

Redding California
United States

Supporting Bay Area waste management through planning, innovative research, and strategic communications that improve equity for disadvantaged communities.

Shelley Kalei Muneoka

Honolulu Hawaii
United States

Defending Native Hawaiian elders and protecting cultural rights.

Ayanna Williams

Decatur Georgia
United States

Encouraging environmental resilience through community partnership and engagement.

Brady Seals

Boulder Colorado
United States

Advocating for clean energy and technology in the household energy sector.

Salote Soqo

Kocoma Village, Qamea Island, Fiji Islands

Uplifting human rights based responses in frontline communities.

Tiara Moore

Alpharetta Georgia
United States

Encouraging the growth, development, and thriving of the Black community in marine science.

Aubrey Streit Krug

Salina Kansas
United States

Researching agroecology and expanding people’s relationships with plants with civic science communities.

Rozina Kanchwala

St. Charles Illinois
United States

Making climate engagement accessible and inspiring.

Paulina Olvera Cáñez

United States

Nurturing migrant communities with access to education and reinforced rights.

Yakuta Poonawalla

San Francisco California
United States

Stewarding land, protecting wisdom, and helping others heal their connection with nature.

Melissa Nootz

Livingston Montana
United States

Elevating equity and collaboration in climate justice work.

Dana Clare Redden

Atlanta Georgia
United States

Improving the accessibility and global development of solar energy.

Issamar Pichardo

United States

Empowering health professionals to stand up against climate change for climate health in California

Coco Peila

Oakland California
United States

Uplifting and training youth voices in climate advocacy through music and creativity.

Hannah Sakura Ono

Boston Massachusetts
United States

Highlighting youth voices on climate policy in Boston.

Angela Hill

Memphis Tennessee
United States

Stewarding land and open spaces cultivating community investment.

Sanjana Paul

United States

Creating environmental justice and climate solutions through engineering.

Emma Perez

Northern Mariana Islands
United States

Preserving indigenous history and reconnecting the people of the Marianas to their land and waters.

Bianca Lopez

Stanislaus County California
United States

Pushing forward environmental justice in Stanislaus County.

Jessica Thrasher

United States

Educating and equipping communities to better manage water systems.

Nalleli Cobo – Uriarte

Downey California
United States

Challenging extractive oil industries in South Los Angeles.

Aimee Roberson

Chamisal New Mexico
United States

Uniting and amplifying climate solutions based on mutual flourishing

Karen Crespo Triveño

Marin City California
United States

Decolonizing food systems and transnational indigenous spaces.

Frances Roberts-Gregory

New Orleans Louisiana
United States

Combating environmental racism through energy research and education.

Maria Baron Palamar

Asheville North Carolina
United States

Helping conservation organizations become more inclusive and implement new methods to complex conservation problems.

Jeanné Kapela

Honolulu Hawaii
United States

Advocating for and progressing environmental and social policy in Hawaii.