Meet the Leaders of the 2023 US Accelerator Program

Adrian Lipscombe

Austin Texas
United States

Preserving the legacy of Black agriculture and foodways through land and food access.

Abigail Cmiel

Sebastopol California
United States

Building a resilient ecosystem of activists, farmers, and healers to connect people to their bodies, communities, and the Earth.

Vel Scott

Cleveland Ohio
United States

Striving to make nutritional education accessible to the community to help them build healthy bodies, minds, spirits and become aware of how much power they have over their health.

Phoebe Gooding

Durham North Carolina
United States

Returning resources and land education through immersion programming and sustainable agriculture systems rooted in social awareness.

Brianna Garcia

Stockton California
United States

Connecting people to the natural world through herbalism, land stewardship, farming, education, and gardening.

Elena Polanco

Greensboro North Carolina
United States

Cultivating and nurturing indigenous agricultural practices through heirloom seeds, ecological justice initiatives, and ceremonial practices.

Jamie Fanous

San Francisco Bay Area California
United States

Advocating and organizing with farmers to create and advance policies that are rooted in social justice and equity.

U’ilani Yet-Kyau Moore-Wesley

Mendocino County California
United States

Creating a nourishing place where the original stewards of this land can heal, gather, share and be nourished.

Sarah Ecolano

Cordova Alaska
United States

Fisher(wo)man, small business founder, advocate for independent small-boat fishers, and the advancement of gender and racial equity

Beatriz Ferreyra

San Diego California
United States

Cultivating an equitable food system by addressing food security and building resilience on local farms.

Brooke Marie Bridges

Capital District New York
United States

Sustainable all-natural skin, hair, and self-care with an emphasis on self-sustainability and working with nature to heal our communities and the Earth.

Sasha Shankar

San Leandro California
United States

Cultivating healthy and healing relationships between people and land through permaculture.

LaTasha Sherri Timberlake

Oklahoma City Oklahoma
United States

Educating and supporting underserved communities through growing organic produce and learning healthy living practices.

Kessi Watters Kimball

Wabanaki traditional territory Maine
United States

Rematriating Indigenous lands through community-led food and medicine projects.

Ria Taylor

Capital Region New York
United States

Connecting people and land through food.

Tashanda Giles-Jones

Los Angeles California
United States

Cultivating a network of like-minded individuals, organizations, and activists eager to support the learning and growth of urban youth in Los Angeles.

Sabrina Chapa

Philadelphia Pennsylvania
United States

Building pathways for BIPOC communities to attain land and restore Indigenous land and stewardship practices.

Tiara Burtin

St. Louis Missouri
United States

Using art to support holistic healing from stress related diseases, systematic trauma, and sexual violence.

Tracy Charles-Smith

Native Village of Dot Lake Alaska
United States

Restoring village traditions through health services, environmental protection, and preserving cultural heritage.

Ebonie Randle

Cleveland Ohio
United States

Transforming neighborhood spaces and using gardening to educate, unify, and improve community wellness.

Stacey Sarina Liddell Pernell Fluker

Birmingham Alabama
United States

Sharing wisdom about the interconnectedness of our bodies and Earth’s natural cycles.

Myriesha Barber

Toledo Ohio
United States

Combining food sovereignty and eco-psychology to strengthen communities’ relationships to the land.

Michelle Crisostomo

United States

Seeking food security through local farmer education and collaborative partnerships that are plant and poultry farming and distributing produce to food-insecure families.

Emily Emmons

Hawaiʻi Hawaii
United States

Hosting farmer trainings and support spaces supporting and advocating for veterans, caregivers, and community members.

Elda Guadalupe Carrasquillo

Vieques Puerto Rico
United States